Real Voodoo Rituals and Black Magic Spells







A CUSTOMS SPELL as the name implies is a spell designed to meet a particular desire or address an aim. it can range from desires to win competitions to games of chance. to prepare a customs spell, personal items are required. items like, hairs, nail clips, blood and picture. it may also become necessary for the rituals or spells as the case maybe, for a customs spell be performed in special places like flowing streams, cemetery and other places dictated by the gods. 


Whatever it is that is your desire, be rest assured that we have the necessary materials and skill to fabricate a Customs spell that suits your purposes and desires. 









voodoo is a spiritual activity and like all spiritual activities, nothing is guaranteed and results vary with individuals. no spell caster, no matter how well gifted he or she maybe can guarantee 100% success with each and every spell. whoever tells you otherwise is not being sincere with you.  |
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