Real Voodoo Rituals and Black Magic Spells






A REMOTE VOODOO RITUAL OR SPELL takes place where a client is unable to be physically present in our temple. we have always preferred that our clients be present in our temple or cave when i perform their respective rituals or spells. but then of course, i understand that sometime, circumstance of distance, work, family and physical health may not permit a physical presence in our temple or cave. in these exceptional circumstance, we can perform the required ritual and spell on their behalf using the remote ritual procedures and still achieve the same degree of success. i use a voodoo procedure called a 'far ritual'.  in these process, we use an animal to replace the client.  what i need to perform this special procedure is the picture of the client, his name and his date of birth. hairs or nails or used T-shirt or un-washed underwear will equally be of great use


In voodoo, distance does not exist as long as the victim lives. the effect of the remote ritual will deliver on anyone anywhere he or she may be located on the planet. that is the power of voodoo remote ritual.














voodoo is a spiritual activity and like all spiritual activities, nothing is guaranteed and results vary with individuals. no spell caster, no matter how well gifted he or she maybe can guarantee 100% success with each and every spell. whoever tells you otherwise is not being sincere with you.  |
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