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Voodoo Spells and its various rituals has been hailed as quite possibly the oldest religion known to humankind, originating some 7,000 years ago. The word voodoo means "spirit" or "mystery."  in Voodoo we accept the existence of one god (Bon Dieu or Good God), below which are the powerful spirits referred to as loa. These powerful spirits are responsible for the daily matters in life in the areas of family, love, money, happiness, wealth, and revenge. The loa are not that different from the Saints of Catholicism and angels in Christianity in that the loa are not prayed to; rather, they are asked to intercede with God on our behalf.

This website focuses on the magical side of Voodoo; that aspect of Voodoo Spells and rituals that the typical person is drawn to when in need of change in their lives. The type of Voodoo that this website focuses on is Creole Voodoo, also known as New Orleans Voodoo. Indeed, Voodoo rituals became one of the primary ways for slaves to resist the oppression of their slave owners. The warrior gods sustained and empowered them, and assisted in their ultimate liberation from slavery. This my friend, is the power of Voodoo Spells and its rituals.


we can cast countless Voodoo spells and rituals that help you to bind your enemies, banish naysayers, bend people to do your will, and greatly enhance your chances to win court cases.   it will empower you to be able to break up a couple, overcome your problems, get a job, call forth spirits, win in games of chance and attain success. I equally cast spells to make you irresistible, find a lover, make your lover faithful, and spice up your sex life and much more.

How would you like to know how to make your wishes come true? Or find true love? Catch a thief? Keep your dog or cat from wandering off? Break a curse? Or drive someone crazily in love with you?

Many of my voodoo spells and rituals are based on ancient recipes and rituals that are found in the anthropological literature and archaeological records, such as spells from ancient Egypt, Chaldea, Greece, Africa, and Europe. Other spells are based on spells found in ancient sacred texts, and many are from the grimoires of the author herself, shared for the first time in the Voodoo Doll Spellbook. A logical follow up to the author's previous work, Voodoo Dolls in Magic and Ritual, the Voodoo Doll Spellbook picks up where the former leaves off, providing you with information never before revealed for improving any area of your life using one of the oldest tools of humankind.


The Voodoo Papa is a channel for the serpent

In voodoo, the Papa and or the Mambo are the human beings who have been elevated to the rank of High Priest or High Priestess. In contemporary culture, most people think of the Voodoo Papa or Mambo as the more famous because of their understanding of Voodoo Spells and Rituals.


As is true with many things, Voodoo High Priests are often different than you might expect. They don’t walk around with a voodoo doll in their hand. They aren’t sacrificing goats just for the heck of it. And they are probably way more educated than most people would imagine. The current highest priest in Haiti, Max Beauvoir, is a man in his mid seventies who has a degree in biochemistry earned at the prestigious Sorbonne university of Paris. Surprised? That’s a bit of Voodoo for you! Voodoo Spells and its Rituals, when evoked will not come back without achieving that in which it was set forth.









voodoo is a spiritual activity and like all spiritual activities, nothing is guaranteed and results vary with individuals. no spell caster, no matter how well gifted he or she maybe can guarantee 100% success with each and every spell. whoever tells you otherwise is not being sincere with you.



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